May 5, 2008


Sometimes we may have guests that may decide to visit with only few hours of notice. So when that happens how do you make preparations for an appetizer that is yummy and simple? I've done this before for a friend when she was entertaining. It is simple and is great at wine and cheese party too.

It's a homemade Cheeseball. There are many variations that people make but this is the combination that I really enjoy. I usually store a box of uncut chedder cheese in my fridge that I can use them readily for any occasion. Sometimes it is also handy to buy those that have been shredded too.


3 cups of shredded cheddar cheese
1 bottle of bacon bits (you can bake these in advance and keep them in air tight bottles for your salads)
1 handful of chopped pecans or almonds
Chopped parseley
White Onions chopped fine
Mayonaise/ or Cream Cheese
Ritz or cream crackers

Mix all the ingredients (except the crackers) together. Add mayonaise little by little until it is enough for all to be held together like a ball.

On a cling wrap, place the 'balled' mixture in the centre and wrap it up tight to keep the shape round. Next, chill it in the fridge untill your guests arrive. Place the ball (without the cling wrap) on a serving dish and the light crackers at the side. Place a small butter or fish knife for your guests to help themselves to the cheese and crackers.

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