May 5, 2008


Pitaya is a bright and stunning fruit that is commonly known as Dragon Fruit. Recent years I have learnt to appreciate eating this fruit as I found that it has a pleasant and refreshing taste, sometimes mildly sweet. Did you know that I just found out that there are benefits of eating Dragon Fruit which I didn't know all this while.

Dragon fruit is good for our liver as it is a natural form of fiber and laxative and very good for those who are on diet.

Other benefits include those who have high blood pressure. It is reported that eating Dragon fruit on a regular basis help to reduce his or her weight. It is also believed to be able to stop or reduce diabetes. The dragon fruit is a favourite among Asians, and is commonly found in Vietnam and being exported to many Asian countries.

Here are some other benefits that the consumption of Dragon Fruit has.
1. Improves our immune system, and the healing of cuts and bruises.
2. It helps in tissue development, metablise carbohydrates and produce energy.
3. It's protein nutritions enhance our metabolism (good for dieting), improves our bowel movement with its fiber and reduce fat.
4. The carotene helps in memory improvement and maintaining the health of our eyes.
5 The Vitamin B2 in the fruit also improves our appetite naturally.

So what are you waiting for. Add the Dragon fruit in your diet and see the benefits taking place.

4 cheers:

Nicely said...

i' ve been eating dragon fruit during breakfast for two days now. thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

there are two different ones, white and red. Try them, they really wonderful

Anonymous said...

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