May 5, 2008


Some parents dismissed their kids as being very naughty or mischievious when they are young. True enough, kids love to run about and they do have lots of energy to be everywhere. However when it cmoes to studies, they have difficulties concentrating since they are so energetic. Did you know that when they are in school and if the problem persists, the parent or teacher should monitor the kid closely.

Out of 100 kids,9% have ADHD. ADHD kids have short attention span and they have trouble sitting still. These kids are hyperactive and they should not be compared with the other regular kids. They also should not be dismissed as being a problem kid.

Boys tend to have it about 3x more than girls. Some kids can be helped with some medication or theraphy. But in some cases both may work best. Read about ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) here.

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