Apr 11, 2008


For many years, people have always been trying to find ways to attract or attention to the love they are seeking. Along the way they sometimes become a myth or practise that some would just brush if off as an old Grandmother's tale. But because these connection has been made for centuries since the dawn of time, there are still people of different cultures, that will still talk about it, hand down to their great grandchildren till today. In the end these practise become a tradition or lovelore. Passed down generations after another, some practise it but some sneer at it. Let's see what these omens are.

If you sneeze upon meeting a man, you will one day fall in love with him.

If you trip over a wire by accident, keep your eyes wide open. You will soon be getting a new lover.

In order to make this man you like desire you, you have to think of him intensely with your heart and soul.

To find a new lover, you better sweep out all the cobwebs in your home.

If you walk around a beanstalk three times, you may catch a vision of your future lover.

If you take a twig from a tree, straighten it. Then place it on the windowsill near your bed. When you are awake in the morning, the twig will point to the direction of your lover-to-be.

To keep the love that your share with your lover blossoming and growing, walk together in a strange garden.

Exchange small locks of hair with your lover. This strengthen the love between each other.Keeping them near the hearts will keep your love sincere.

Hang your shoes outside the window and you will dream about your lover.

Well, I do have more but it will make this post too lengthy... Hope you enjoyed them!