Apr 29, 2008


Popcorn is something we always associate with as a snack while watching movie or television. But did you know that in ancient times there were popcorn before even the invention of movies or television?

Well, it was hundreds of thousands of years ago. Archeologists have discovered below Mexico city that there were 80,000 year old of corn pollen, exactly like the modern ones. China and India are the countries that used corn most. But now that it is found in Central Mexico, this oldest corn found in a Bat Cave is about 5,600 years old! Before this one, Utah had the oldest popcorn at about 1,000 years old. In these cave conditions, these popcorn were preserved so well when the dust is blown off it, it is still white and fluffy looking!

If you would like to read more about this story, check it out here.

This recipe of popcorn balls can be found in the website too but I put it here for your convenience.

Popcorn Balls

3 quarts plain popped corn (about 1/3 cup kernels)
1/4 cup butter
10 oz. bag marshmallows
food coloring (optional)

Put popped corn in a large bowl. Set aside. Melt the butter and marshmallows in a stovetop pot, stirring constantly. When they are melted, take off the heat and allow the mixture to cool until it can be touched. If you like, stir in a few drops of food coloring.Using a wooden spoon, gently stir the melted mixture into the popcorn.

Next, butter your hands and work quickly to form popcorn balls. Place balls on waxed paper to cool.

After the balls are cool, you may use warm corn syrup to stick gum drops or other candy decorations to the popcorn balls. The popcorn balls may be stored in sandwich bags.

This makes enough for about 15 two-inch balls, but you can make them any size or shape you like!

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Gorgeous Traveller said...

interesting piece :)

just made me crave caramel popcorn now!!

btw, would you be kind enough to update my web address? It's www.corianderdreams.com instead of the travellerndreamer.blogspot.com one

Thanks! :)

RoxiticusDH said...

I had the best caramel corn in Disney's California Adventure. Bad mommy served it to my girls as "lunch" so we wouldn't miss the High School Musical parade.

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