Apr 2, 2008


Mint is an important part of the ancient Greek. The Greeks believe that Mint has the power to reanimate spirits. Peppermint was used by Egyptians as medicinal herb as a stimulator and diuretic. The Romans used mint to mask odour of the alcohol of the breath, since drinking wine was a capital offense for women.

In food, mint was believed to prevent milk from curdling. If it is combined with salt, is said to be effective against the bite of mad dogs. Mint is also widely used in Mexico midicinally and South America. Mints are also used in bath with balm and other herbs to comfort and strengthen the nerves and sinews. Bruised leaves were bound on the forehead to relieve headaches.

We also use mint leaves in teas, salads and useful for tummy troubles and upsets. Perhaps that explain the numerous products we have in recent years which have mint in them.

Vapourubs, mint teas, essential oils, and even confectionary are some of the items in the market that we can see these days.

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