Apr 25, 2008


Sometimes kids ask us questions like why do we have ears, how does out body works, where does our voice come from and where is our heart. My girls love to ask me questions like these, including the blood from our body. Unless we are Mr and Mrs Know it All, sometimes we need to find quick answers and parents, being parents do not like to disappoint their kids with answers like they do not really know how it works.

I found this fantastic website about kids and kids health recently. Whenever I need to do some research about kids' stuff, I would also go to it and browze for kids ideas, foods and even nutrition. There is this section which I find helps us as a parent to teach the kids the questions they may pose about our body. With illustrations and enough things to cover each specific body part, this is a place that you can go to for research like articles, movies and even activities.

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stay-at-home mum said...

Please share the link to the website!! Thanks.

Caramel Corn said...

hi sahm.. click on the banner. it will bring u to the website..
alternatively, u can click on this link..