Apr 16, 2008


In the late, many of our new farming methods have gone modern and intensive. Many food growth are artificially fertilized compared with in the past wherre they are being allowed to grow and mature in their own time and season. Some of these crops may have effect on animal and humans that feed on them as the minerals that derived from these sources may be lesser or poor quality.

Minerals and trace elements are important to the natural growth in our life, from young. Lack of these may sometimes cause a certain illness of some sort.

The thyroid glands in our body helps to produce hormones that control many of our body functions. In order for this to work proper, we need Iodine in our body. Lack of iodine will cause lethargy, skin thickening, some hair loss, growth problems and also goitre which is thyroid enlargement. Too much of it will also cause overactivity of the thyroid.

Do you know which food products we can get iodine from? There two sources are Seaweed and Sea fish. There are many food products in the market that are snacks like seaweed and kids love to eat them. But remember to control them as eat too much can cause thyroid problems.

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