Apr 15, 2008


If you are really out of idea over what to cook for breakfast, perhaps you might want to have a nice hot toast with tomatoes, cheese and a sliced of ham? Not just chilled from the fridge but one that is more like a hot toast. This is what I do.

Slice your tomatoes (beef tomatoes, preferably). Pan-fry the sliced ham (your choice) on margarine or butter to let it slightly browned on both sides. Remove and using the same pan, fry the tomatoes next. Sprinkle some salt and pepper over it and fry both sides. Put it in the oven to keep it warm. In the meantime toast some wholemeal bread. When the bread is nicely toasted, place the sliced ham, tomatoes and cheese on it. This is a very nice, warm breakfast and nutritious too. The reason why I use panfry tomatoes instead of sliced freshed ones is because cooked tomatoes provide more nutrition than fresh ones.

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JO-N said...

That's nice for breakfast but usually I'm too lazy to get up and prepare breakfast. Maybe I should do it on weekends.