Apr 8, 2008


Grapes are very beneficial to your health. Well known as an antioxidant, it contains natural ingredients as a skin purifier helping to clean and refine the tone of our skin. Here is a great home recipe of grape face mask. You will need a pestle and mortar and about 2 handfuls of red seedless grapes.

Mash the grapes till they are of a paste. Spread the entire of this pulp onto your face, away from your eyes. Lie down and let it refresh and tone for about 10 minutes. Rinse it off with cool water and pat dry. Don't forget to apply your moisturiser!

Grapes has beneficial components call flavoinoids. these give the vibrant purple colour, of which the stronger the colour the higher the concentration.

How do you know if your grapes are fresh. When you purchase it from the grocer, hold it up by the stem. If the grapes drop off from the stem easily that means it has been in storage for a while. Buy those that are firmly attached to the stems, plump and bright looking. These are the freshest grapes!

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