Apr 10, 2008


Chinese Almond is not like every other almond you eat. It is certainly not the nuts that you get in the can of cocktail nuts with hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts. In fact, Chinese Almond is used in part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and reputed for moistening lungs and compating coughs. It is every effective in dispelling cold from our lungs, especially where there is presence of phlegm in the throat.

Make a simple cough relieving brew.

Boil Chinese almond, rock sugar and water for about half an hour. Let it cool till warm and drink this sweet broth. Chuan Bei can be added to this brew too.

Another way to do this is to ground the kernels of almond with some water, and extracting the juice. Boil it with rock sugar and fresh milk can be added too. Almond milk is said to make our skin smooth, relieve cough and relieve asthma ailments.

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