Apr 29, 2008


Popcorn is something we always associate with as a snack while watching movie or television. But did you know that in ancient times there were popcorn before even the invention of movies or television?

Well, it was hundreds of thousands of years ago. Archeologists have discovered below Mexico city that there were 80,000 year old of corn pollen, exactly like the modern ones. China and India are the countries that used corn most. But now that it is found in Central Mexico, this oldest corn found in a Bat Cave is about 5,600 years old! Before this one, Utah had the oldest popcorn at about 1,000 years old. In these cave conditions, these popcorn were preserved so well when the dust is blown off it, it is still white and fluffy looking!

If you would like to read more about this story, check it out here.

This recipe of popcorn balls can be found in the website too but I put it here for your convenience.

Popcorn Balls

3 quarts plain popped corn (about 1/3 cup kernels)
1/4 cup butter
10 oz. bag marshmallows
food coloring (optional)

Put popped corn in a large bowl. Set aside. Melt the butter and marshmallows in a stovetop pot, stirring constantly. When they are melted, take off the heat and allow the mixture to cool until it can be touched. If you like, stir in a few drops of food coloring.Using a wooden spoon, gently stir the melted mixture into the popcorn.

Next, butter your hands and work quickly to form popcorn balls. Place balls on waxed paper to cool.

After the balls are cool, you may use warm corn syrup to stick gum drops or other candy decorations to the popcorn balls. The popcorn balls may be stored in sandwich bags.

This makes enough for about 15 two-inch balls, but you can make them any size or shape you like!

Apr 25, 2008


Sometimes kids ask us questions like why do we have ears, how does out body works, where does our voice come from and where is our heart. My girls love to ask me questions like these, including the blood from our body. Unless we are Mr and Mrs Know it All, sometimes we need to find quick answers and parents, being parents do not like to disappoint their kids with answers like they do not really know how it works.

I found this fantastic website about kids and kids health recently. Whenever I need to do some research about kids' stuff, I would also go to it and browze for kids ideas, foods and even nutrition. There is this section which I find helps us as a parent to teach the kids the questions they may pose about our body. With illustrations and enough things to cover each specific body part, this is a place that you can go to for research like articles, movies and even activities.

Apr 23, 2008


Kids love peanut butter. How about making one at home that is free from preservatives? Even a kid can do it, because it is super easy.

You will need 1 and half cup of roasted peanuts, unsalted and 1 tbsp of peanut oil

Mix the peanut oil with the roasted peanuts till all are coated with the oil. In a food processor, blend these two until they are all blended smooth. Voila! You can scoop it out and store in and can be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks. If you would like your peaunut butter to be the crunchy sort, you just need to add about 2 tbsps of roasted peanuts after the above method and blend it shortly.

My girls love to have this for breakfast in the morning. Sometimes I let them drizzle a teaspoon of honey on it too.

Apr 22, 2008


Eggs are a very good source of protein. When added with other ingredients, it is very yummy. I love to cook it hard boiled and add it to salads. Here is a recipe for devilled eggs of which shrimps are added. You can tweak the recipe by substituting it with other ingredients.

you will need:
5 eggs

150g prawns, that have been shelled, boiled and have it chopped.
1/2 white onion that have been minced
1 tbsp Worchestershire sauce
3 tbsp Mayonnaise or you may prefer to use Coleslaw dressing is fine
Salt and Pepper to taste

1 tbsp English Parsley, chopped till fine
(use half with the ingredients at the top and half for sprinkling at the end)

Boil the eggs. When the water has started to boil, turn off the fire. Let the eggs sit for about 10 minutes. Transfer the eggs to chilled water. Shell the eggs and cut lengthwise into half. With a small spoon, remove the yolks carefully.

Mash the yolk with the ingredients. With the teaspoon, spoon the mixture back into the small cavity in the egg. Sprinkle with some chopped parsley and serve as starters.

Apr 21, 2008


An egg is the most humble of all food. Ergonomic in shape, nutritious, versatile in dishes, binds ingredients, thickens soup, sauces and yummy when eat half boiled or hard boiled without any seasoning added.

Chicken eggs come in either brown or white ones. The nutrition in either are the same although some insists that brown eggs are healthier, it is only a myth. The colour of the egg is determined by the breed of the hen, white feathered or brown feathered chickens.

Omega-3 egg

It comes from hens that are fed with a diet that consists of fax seed, linseed and canola. All these are rich in the omega-3 essential fatty acids. Eggs that are labelled omega-3 rich in source are nutritious. But not many people know that these hens are kept in small cages.

Organic egg

Organic egg is produced by the hen that has been fed with food that have grown without any fertilisers, pesticides, etc. Most of the food that we eat are not organic sources, so organic ingredients are slightly more expensive. These ingredients are used to feed the hens, thus producing organic eggs. Organic eggs are definitely higher in price, of course.

Free range

Free range hen eggs are hens that are raised outdoors. These hens that lay eggs cannot be classify as organic eggs as organic farming has to be certified by official authority with strict rules. Eggs laid by free range hens are simply standard hen eggs. Nutrition wise for these eggs are quite standard.

Apr 17, 2008


My family loves Strawberry Tarts. So do I. The appealing colour is also beautiful and usually gets lots of oohs and aahs from my friends and guests.

It is not difficult to make them. Let's start with the crust.
For Crust, you will need
A stick of butter, melted
1 teaspoon sugar, fine

4 cups of whole strawberries, hulled
1 and half cup of warm water
1 and half cup of fine sugar
4 tablespoons of cornstarch
a pack of strawberry gelatine mixture
Red food colouring

Preheat oven to medium to high heat. Mix the sugar and butter untill they resemble crust. Pat them into the tart cases. Prick the bottom part of the case and bake it until they are light brown in colour. Cool if in room temperature. Place a halve strawberry in the centre of the case crust.

Boil water in a pan, add sugar, cornstarch. When the mixture becomes transparent, add the strawberry gelatin and stir till they are dissolved. Add a few drops of red colouring and pour over the crust with a halve strrawberry inside. Chill it and serve with whipped cream on the side.

Apr 16, 2008

World Wide Link Love for All

I received this tag from Geng. I have all my blogs listed on this linklove list and all are posted on my blogs. Let's hope this World Wide link will also be reaching big numbers like what the Big Bang has done for us.

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Here, I shall tag my blogger buddies - Uzziel, Hainankia, coriander dreams, alamakoioi


In the late, many of our new farming methods have gone modern and intensive. Many food growth are artificially fertilized compared with in the past wherre they are being allowed to grow and mature in their own time and season. Some of these crops may have effect on animal and humans that feed on them as the minerals that derived from these sources may be lesser or poor quality.

Minerals and trace elements are important to the natural growth in our life, from young. Lack of these may sometimes cause a certain illness of some sort.

The thyroid glands in our body helps to produce hormones that control many of our body functions. In order for this to work proper, we need Iodine in our body. Lack of iodine will cause lethargy, skin thickening, some hair loss, growth problems and also goitre which is thyroid enlargement. Too much of it will also cause overactivity of the thyroid.

Do you know which food products we can get iodine from? There two sources are Seaweed and Sea fish. There are many food products in the market that are snacks like seaweed and kids love to eat them. But remember to control them as eat too much can cause thyroid problems.

Apr 15, 2008


If you are really out of idea over what to cook for breakfast, perhaps you might want to have a nice hot toast with tomatoes, cheese and a sliced of ham? Not just chilled from the fridge but one that is more like a hot toast. This is what I do.

Slice your tomatoes (beef tomatoes, preferably). Pan-fry the sliced ham (your choice) on margarine or butter to let it slightly browned on both sides. Remove and using the same pan, fry the tomatoes next. Sprinkle some salt and pepper over it and fry both sides. Put it in the oven to keep it warm. In the meantime toast some wholemeal bread. When the bread is nicely toasted, place the sliced ham, tomatoes and cheese on it. This is a very nice, warm breakfast and nutritious too. The reason why I use panfry tomatoes instead of sliced freshed ones is because cooked tomatoes provide more nutrition than fresh ones.

Read the other post about the nutritious tomato.


As a general rule, when we fall ill we try to keep away from foods that are complicated so that we can allow our body to recover. Chinese believe that avoiding some food during the course of the treatment. It is based on the nature of the ailment to achieve a complete recovery and maintain one's health.

Here are some examples of foods to avoid during an illness. They are written according to ailment on the left and foods to avoid.

High Fever
Oily and spicy foods

Strong tea, coffee

Water retention

Deep- fried foods, sweet foods, wine, chilli, white fungus

Deep-fried or fatty foods, wine, pepper, prawn

Fish, prawn, fried or deep-fried foods, fatty meat, fresh ginger, pepper

Salted meat and vegetables, fatty meat, coffee, strong tea

Wine, coffee, chilli, white fungus

Fatty meat, fish, prawn, crab, wine, soya bean, pumpkin, leaf mustard, carbonated drinks

Suger, sugar cane, fruits, sweet potato, starch, water chestnut, lotus, yam

Kidney stones
Shellfish, asparagus, spinach, beancurd, lentil, persimmon

These are only some of the foods that the chinese generally avoid, according to the physicians' advice. However the western medical doctor may have a different view to such so it is always, good to get a second opninion.


I am a fan of salad. Any kinds of salad. I enjoy fruits in my salad. Lately I have been having lots of Tuna with Pasta Salad. It is simple to make and you don't really have to bother with handling raw meat. Tuna's are the best in either brine or olive oil.

Here is what you will need. A dash of vegetable oil, salt, 200g of penne or spiral pasta or your choice of pasta, 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 2 tsp of lemon juice, 1 tsp Dijon mustard, Black Pepper, 3-4 ripe tomatoes, skinned and chopped, 5 spring onions, sliced, 200g can of Tuna, drained and flaked, and a tbsp of chopped fresh parsley.

Method: Boil the pasta in a large pan of water. When it simmers and your pasta is al-dente, add a dash of vegetable oil and 2 tsp of salt in the water. The oil will prevent the pasta from sticking together when you drain the water off.

In a mixing bowl, mix olive oil, lemon juice, mustard, salt and pepper together to make a dressing.

Place the pasta that is just right and warm in a salad bowl. Add the oil based dressing onto the pasta and mix it well. Lastly, add tomatoes, spring onions, tuna and sprinkle the chopped parsley on it.

Apr 14, 2008


Last week Hazel sent me a pink heart on my other blog. And two days later I received it again on this blog.. so I am pasting the pink heart on my blog here..

I would like to give this gift of heart to bloggers - Uzziel, Ric, Abby

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Apr 12, 2008


FAT is a word that most people will squint upon hearing the word. But there are so many types of FAT that many do not realise which is which. When you buy margarine, oil based canned food like tuna, creamed soups, biscuits and others, how often do you read the label? It is a good habit to look at the label. It is not about being afraid to put on weight but it should be more like a guide to healthy eating and knowing what you put into your body. An average daily or recommended amount of fat is about 30 to 35%. This roughly makes up an average of 80-75gms of fat. If the intake is higher than that, the chances of heart disease and breast cancer becomes more prevalent.

What are the different types of fat in summary that is evident in foods?

Saturated Fats
Polyunsaturated Fats
Monounsaturated Fats
Essential fatty acids

The two fats to watch out for are Saturated Fats and Trans-fats.

Saturated fats are like animal fats such as butter, lard, fats in cheese, also found in some vegetable like coconut and palm. You don't really need to eat them because our body manufactures its own saturated fat. Ideal to cut down on saturated fats.

Trans-fats are the bad fats which is dangerous for a child's heart more than saturated fats. Best to cut down totally. These are mostly food that are manufactured in factory such as margarine. Read the label closely.

The rest of the differet types are basically from the source of food.

Polyunsaturated fats -
soya bean, corn, sunflower. Can be found in oily fish. This should be made as regular part of a child's diet

Monounsaturated fats -
olive oil, nuts and seeds. These are good fats that protect the heart.

Essential fatty acids -
omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids that you read so much about in your powdered milk, fish, soya bean and walnut oils. Why are these good fats? Because they are the vital building blocks of body cells in brain and central nervous system tissue.

Cholesteral -
is apparent in your body already. You don't need excess from food source.

So, there you have it. Among the different types of fats, how many types are there are bad? You just need to know which fat to avoid. Make a good habit reading labels to see which fat is acceptable and which ones are not.


Guacamole is a hot favourite among party snacks. Spread it as a canape, or just as a dip for your chips.What is guacamole made of? Basically, it's avocados, cream, and some seasoning. Avocados are good for health. Some think that the cholestrol level is high eating avocados, but they failed to realise that there are good and bad cholestrol.

Here is a guacamole recipe for your canape or as a dip.
2 ripe avocados
220ml sour cream
1 clove garlic, finely grated
1 shallot, finely minced
1 red tomato, seeded and diced
1 large lime juice and zest reserved
a bunch coriander, chopped
chopped red chilli
sea salt
cracked black pepper
bag of tacos

Halve the avocados and remove the seed. Mash avocado, mix with garlic, shallots, tomato and coriander. Fold in sour cream, to a mush. Add lime juice and zest. Season to taste. Scoop a small serving of the guacamole on the tacos or you can just leave it on a dip bowl for them to dip their tacos with.

Apr 11, 2008


For many years, people have always been trying to find ways to attract or attention to the love they are seeking. Along the way they sometimes become a myth or practise that some would just brush if off as an old Grandmother's tale. But because these connection has been made for centuries since the dawn of time, there are still people of different cultures, that will still talk about it, hand down to their great grandchildren till today. In the end these practise become a tradition or lovelore. Passed down generations after another, some practise it but some sneer at it. Let's see what these omens are.

If you sneeze upon meeting a man, you will one day fall in love with him.

If you trip over a wire by accident, keep your eyes wide open. You will soon be getting a new lover.

In order to make this man you like desire you, you have to think of him intensely with your heart and soul.

To find a new lover, you better sweep out all the cobwebs in your home.

If you walk around a beanstalk three times, you may catch a vision of your future lover.

If you take a twig from a tree, straighten it. Then place it on the windowsill near your bed. When you are awake in the morning, the twig will point to the direction of your lover-to-be.

To keep the love that your share with your lover blossoming and growing, walk together in a strange garden.

Exchange small locks of hair with your lover. This strengthen the love between each other.Keeping them near the hearts will keep your love sincere.

Hang your shoes outside the window and you will dream about your lover.

Well, I do have more but it will make this post too lengthy... Hope you enjoyed them!

Apr 10, 2008


Chinese Almond is not like every other almond you eat. It is certainly not the nuts that you get in the can of cocktail nuts with hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts. In fact, Chinese Almond is used in part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and reputed for moistening lungs and compating coughs. It is every effective in dispelling cold from our lungs, especially where there is presence of phlegm in the throat.

Make a simple cough relieving brew.

Boil Chinese almond, rock sugar and water for about half an hour. Let it cool till warm and drink this sweet broth. Chuan Bei can be added to this brew too.

Another way to do this is to ground the kernels of almond with some water, and extracting the juice. Boil it with rock sugar and fresh milk can be added too. Almond milk is said to make our skin smooth, relieve cough and relieve asthma ailments.


There is nothing more nutritious than tomato soup. Tomato has Lycopene, a certain chemical that makes a humble tomato red in colour. Tomato consumption helps to reduce the risk of cancer, beneficial especially cancers in the prostate, stomach and lungs. Tomatoes that have been processed, contain f a fair bit of lycopene than the raw ones. That is because cooking helps to break down the cell walls. This action release carotenoids. When you are eating tomatoes, be sure to eat them with a small amount of fat, as fat helps Lycopene to be absorbed faster.

Tomatoes are also an excellent source of vitamin c and vitamin A. Have a bowl of tomato soup, eat some spaghetti of tomato based or even drink some tomato juice. It's good for you. Here is a simple Tomato and Basil Soup for you.

Tomato and Basil Soup

2 tbsp olive oil
2 cloves garlic
1 can tomatoes, chopped
1/2 cup fresh basil, chopped
2 cups of stock
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
1 tsp sugar
salt and pepper
1/2 cup cream
basil leaves

Heat olive oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Saute garlic till fragrant. Add the chopped tomatoes and the chopped basil. Pour in the stock and bring to a slight boil. Reduce the flame and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. Season with some red wine vinegar, and seasoning. Remove from heat and serve with a little cream on the top. Garnish with the basil leaves.

It's nice to serve tomato soup with garlic toast!

Apr 9, 2008


Have you ever tried Beef slices on Buns in Japanese Seasoning? Lots of burgers have beef patty made from processed beef. Beef slices are very nice and you get a good balance of beef slices in nice chinese bun. Chinese buns are also called Mantou. Plus it is very nutritious too.

Here is what you need:
8pcs of Mantou buns
300g beef fillet, sliced thinly ( you can ask the meat grocer to sliced it for you)
2 tsp teriyaki sauce
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tsp brown sugar
2 cloves garlic, chopped
3 spring onions, chopped
6 cherry tomatoes, chopped
1/2 tbsp olive oil

Heat the olive oil in a pan, and fry the Mantous until golden brown on both sides. Set aside.
In the same pan, add a little bit more olive oil, and saute the chopped spring onions untill fragrant. Add the sliced beef briefly, then add teriyaki sauce, brown sugar, salt, pepper and saute for another 5mins.

The sauteed beef slices, sandwich between Mantous are really yummy. Best serve while warm.

Penang Pancake -Ban Chean Kuih

I discovered this recipe by accident. I love to collect recipes and Penang cuisine has always been a hot favourite of mine. This is a pancake similar to the ones you can find in the tiny island of Penang, off West Malaysia. There are many variations of this pancake but somehow this one is the closest that I've tried.

Penang Pancake is called Ban Chean Kuih. Some prefer to pronounce it Ban Chang Kuih. Notice the difference in the middle word, Chean or Chang. Well, I did a little research on the internet and with several friends from Penang and I found the closest conclusion to the name would be Ban Chean Kuih, thought the latter would just roll off my tongue more natural. The name is supposed to have the meaning of Slowly Cooked Pancake. Anyway, here is the recipe.

25g rice flour
50g plain flour
half tsp bicarbonate soda
25g caster sugar
pinch of salt
25ml thick coconut milk
50 ml water
oil for greasing the pan

half cup caster sugar
half cup roasted peanuts finely ground
half cup margarine
half cup cream corn

Sift flours and bicarbonate soda. In a mixing bowl, add sugar and salt.
Whisk in the cocomut milk and water. Stir to make a smooth batter
Rest batter for about 30 minutes, cover with a damp tea cloth. Alternatively you can also leave it overnight in the fridge.
Lightly grease the pancake pan over low fire. Ladle the batter to pan to form a thin layer. Cover and cook for 10mins over slow flame. Sprinkle a tablespoon of sugar, groundnuts and covered for about 10 seconds. The sides would have been a little browned at the edges. Drop a dollop of margarine onto the pancake and let it melt. Add cream corn (optional) and remove the pancake from the pan. Fold it in half immediately. Serve hot, it is yummmy!

Apr 8, 2008


Grapes are very beneficial to your health. Well known as an antioxidant, it contains natural ingredients as a skin purifier helping to clean and refine the tone of our skin. Here is a great home recipe of grape face mask. You will need a pestle and mortar and about 2 handfuls of red seedless grapes.

Mash the grapes till they are of a paste. Spread the entire of this pulp onto your face, away from your eyes. Lie down and let it refresh and tone for about 10 minutes. Rinse it off with cool water and pat dry. Don't forget to apply your moisturiser!

Grapes has beneficial components call flavoinoids. these give the vibrant purple colour, of which the stronger the colour the higher the concentration.

How do you know if your grapes are fresh. When you purchase it from the grocer, hold it up by the stem. If the grapes drop off from the stem easily that means it has been in storage for a while. Buy those that are firmly attached to the stems, plump and bright looking. These are the freshest grapes!

Apr 7, 2008


I've been feeling a little under the weather lately. Having a flu cna certainly dampen your appetite. All I need is actually something hot and something soupy. Although it is easier to just get some takeaways, nothing is better than a homemade meal to nurse your terrible cold. When I was very little, my parents love to feed me with fish balls or meals that consists of that. Perhaps it is the easiest or convenient food for a kid. Mum would cook a soupy noodle soup when I was ill so having something like that certainly brightens up my day and reminds me of mother's love. Here is a recipe of fish ball noodles which I have altered to suit my liking, over the years.

10 freshly made fish balls
300ml fresh chicken stock
a small shallot crushed
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2 cooked chicken thighs ( i usually steam these)
Some fried crispy shallots
salt and pepper to taste
350g yellow noodles/flat rice noodles/rice vermicelli (according to your preferance)

In a pot, place the chicken stock together with the chicken thighs, garlic, crushed shallots and boil them together. Shred the chicken and set aside.

In another pot, boil fish boils in water(sometimes i add bruised ginger) for 10 minutes. Blanch the noodles in the hot boiling water and drain it off. Place the noodles on your serving bowl, with the fish balls. Scoop the stock onto the bowl and top it with your shredded chicken and garnish with fried shallots. Add the salt and pepper to taste.

Apr 5, 2008

Thank a Nurse, Make their Day

To be a nurse is not easy. You are at the beck and call of the patient and most of the time because they are not feeling well, nurses bear the brunt of abuse or complaints. Albeit all these, they pick themselves up, cheer themselves up and tends to another sick patient till the day or night of their shift work. Dealing with patients involve a lot of patience and understanding. Some countries are short of nurses in the care industry. Nurses play a bigger role in the care of the patient and they are the first ones in the hospital or clinics that provide the image for the organisation. An impatient one will only turn their patients away.

Nurses' Day is celebrated widely by many countries on the 12 May, the birthday of Florence Nightingale.

Apr 4, 2008


Not every kids like to read. My girls love them but their cousins will yawn at the sight of books. Any books. What is it about books that make kids love or hate them? Maybe they started off from a bad start? My three year old recognize letters but can't form phonetics yet. But she will pick up any book, look at the picture and pretend she is reading the book, at her own imaginative story. Sometimes she reads them exactly like the story in the picture because she remembered the storyline when I read to her before.

How does one make a kid read. I saw this book, very interesting. You may like to search for it. I know of some adults who don't like to read...LOL

Apr 3, 2008


Did you know that Thai health officials had just conducted bans of doctors performing castrations on 3rd April 2008. This move came just after a parent and gay rights activists a week ago. There were complaints that castrations were performed on underage boys. Until an official decision by the Medical Council, the ban will be in placed to protect the minors from these castrations.

This ban is expected to affect Thai hospitals and clinics, as many as 10,000 of them. Castration is the removal of testicles to prevent the body from developing masculine features for a more feminine appearance before the complete gender reassignment surgery.

Apr 2, 2008


Mint is an important part of the ancient Greek. The Greeks believe that Mint has the power to reanimate spirits. Peppermint was used by Egyptians as medicinal herb as a stimulator and diuretic. The Romans used mint to mask odour of the alcohol of the breath, since drinking wine was a capital offense for women.

In food, mint was believed to prevent milk from curdling. If it is combined with salt, is said to be effective against the bite of mad dogs. Mint is also widely used in Mexico midicinally and South America. Mints are also used in bath with balm and other herbs to comfort and strengthen the nerves and sinews. Bruised leaves were bound on the forehead to relieve headaches.

We also use mint leaves in teas, salads and useful for tummy troubles and upsets. Perhaps that explain the numerous products we have in recent years which have mint in them.

Vapourubs, mint teas, essential oils, and even confectionary are some of the items in the market that we can see these days.


Picture tricks. I enjoy looking at illustrations and pretty images. Some of the challenging pictures tries to trick us by an illusion. Look at the picture of these illustration of horses. How many horses do you see in them? I used to stand at a shop trying to see the 3D picture that was a trend many years back. It is amazing how some people can come out with such pictures. Our brain works trying to put together such pictures.

Look at the second picture where the 2D and 3D picture seemed to be blended together. Yet they are two separate illustrations but seemed to connect at one point. It doesnt look wrong but just create a special 3D within a 2D picture.

Apr 1, 2008


When a Doctor in Western Practise checks you up, he will look at the condition of your body, and asks some questions about health, general well being. They will also prescribe medication and monitor you to see if you need to be referred to specialists. Painkillers and Supplements for deficiency of minerals and nutrition are also being given.

How does the Traditional Chinese define conditions of a person's health? There are many ways in a Chinese physician which they gauge their findings. These are mainly general well being of a person before conditions become critical. As an Asian, normally at an initial signs of change of our body that is being felt, we usually like to practise self medication by purchasing herbals, and supplements from the Chinese Medical Hall.

Look at how we breakdown a fever symptom.
Feeling Feverish in the morning - Deficiency of gallbladder energy
Feeling Feverish in the afternoon - Deficiency of yin, dampness-heat
Feverish without feeling cold - Excess yang nature, usually seen in acute diseases
Feeling chilly without having a fever - Deficiency of yang nature, usually seen in chronic diseases
Limbs feel cold - Deficiency of yang
Heat in the abdomen and chest - Accumulated internal heat
Whole body is feverish and is afraid of cold - Usually caused by febrile factors.

Looking at these, the physician will then prescribe the natural herbals that will strengthen or aid the targeted spot to heal. Chinese medicine usually work slower than the Western because their objective is to bring the body back to a balance of yin and yang. These self medication works in an early stage but it is not advisable to practise it whereby an illness or disease is onset on the body. Traditional medicine works parallel in healing a body back to it's balanced healthy state in their natural herbs and supplements. They are not to be used as medicine and best to be consulted if the person is ill.