Mar 5, 2008


The Chinese community regards tonics as one of the important factors of healing food in their lives. It can be taken as part of our daily diet, on its own or cooked together meal or in a dessert. It benefits the person and the main objective is to have good health. Tonics come in many variety so it is important that we select the right one for each ailment or benefit.

Nourishing Tonics nourishes Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang.

Qi: Examples of these are, Ginseng, Liquorice and Chinese Dates
These are suitable for those who are easily tired, those who have poor appetites, who perspire easily as well as if they are short of breath. It can be taken if one is down with cold too.

Blood: Angelica (Dangui), Wolfberry
These suit people with a pale complexion, who get giddy spells, or having blurred vision and those that suffer from insomnia.

Yin: Lily Bulb, White Fungus, Zhimu
People with a weak constituition, or stress and insomnia, constipation, dizzy spells with ringing in the ears and dry mouth

Yang: Cordyceps, Monkshood Daughter root(Fuzi 附子)
Those who have cold limbs, afraid of the cold, weak and aching back/limbs and frequent urination are advised to take these.

Below are pics of Ginseng, Cordycepts, White Fungus, Wolfberry

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JO-N said...

I'm lousy at this. Never know what is for what. Thanks for the info.

Caramel Corn said...

you're welcome, jo-n. i was also green about chinese medicine because i cant read chinese.. but then i pick up mostly from my confinement nanny and the interest grew..

i will try to feature more TCM here.. mostly those that i know.