Mar 6, 2008


How do you know if your body has excessive Yin influences or Yang? If you go to a Chinese physician, he will ask you questions to check if you have the symptoms of Yin or Yang.

Yin Syndrome means Excessive Yin Influences
Pallor, Sensitivity to Cold, Body feels cold when you touch, feeling of tiredness and fatique, do not feel thirsty and prefers to drink warm drinks. He will also pass alot of clear urine, and thin stools.
(need to be prescribed Yang herbs for a balance)

Yang Syndrome means Excessing Yang Influences
The face is flushed, may have bloodshot eyes. The body feels warm to the touch. He will have a dry mouth and he will prefer to drink cold drinks. The urine passed out is yellowish and he passes dry and hard stools.
(need to be prescribed Yin herbs for a balance)

With these symptoms, one can prescribe Traditional Chinese Herbs to strengthen the yin or the yang in the body. An example is, a person who has a cold may feel cold although his body is warm. He has a headache and has runny nose and do not feel the need to drink much. This is the influence of excessive Yin in his body. Therefore he will need to be prescribe herbs that can strengthen his Yang in the body. Once a body has a balance of Yin and Yang, he will be recover back in health.

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