Mar 21, 2008


Have you ever cringed when you visit a chinese medical hall when you find that 'animal' medicines are being used to treat illness? Some of the 'animal' medicines commonly used are creepy crawlies like house lizards, centipedes, and seahorses.

House Lizard
The chinese uses this to treat symptoms like paralysis due to stroke, numbness due to rheumatism and inflamed sores. The tastes is salty and cold by nature and is mildly poisonous. It helps to expel wind, relieves pain caused by cold or dampness and soothes nerves.

The Seahorse is used to treat impotency, incontinence, deficiency of the kidneys, infuries due to fall, and difficulty in childbirth. It is sweet and warm in nature. It helps to strengthen the kidney, improves virility and reduces swelling.

Treats infantile convulsions, stroke, poisonous snake bites and inflamed boils. Helps to expel wind and relieves febrile diseases. It neutralises toxins and clears the channels and relieves pain. It's taste is pungent and warm in nature, and poisonous.

These medicine should be consulted by an authorised Chinese Physician for safety.

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