Mar 8, 2008


These days, you see many stops in the malls, and in estates offering Food Reflexology. I am a fan of Foot Reflexology. The first visit I had was way back in 1990 and I was still studying. My friend's father goes regularly to a massuese that handles foot reflexology. My friend tags along on weekends and finds it addictive. She coaxed me, and about 5 other classmates after a school session and we had the first taste of that. Boy it was quite painful actually.

A person who does foot reflexology needs to equipped with the knowledge of the six main channels and 66 acupoints on a person's foot. These are correlated to many organs in our body.

The methods used in foot reflexology involves lots of kneading, rubbing, stretching and twisting. After a session of foot reflexology, depends on individual, one can feel refreshed, sleepy, light, and some even say they sleep well or rid of constipation.

Did you know that after each session of reflexology, it is IMPORTANT to drink a glass of water? During food reflexology, our body wastes are accumulated in the kidneys, hence consumption of water will help to expel these body wastes through the passing of urine.

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Sue said...

Love your blog, I did not realize that you should have a glass of water after a session of foot reflexology. Good to know, I have been doing a bit of research on the subject and I am finding lots of great material, recently I came across a site that had good information on this subject and lots more, just like your blog, it was a good insight into foot reflexology, thanks