Apr 1, 2008


When a Doctor in Western Practise checks you up, he will look at the condition of your body, and asks some questions about health, general well being. They will also prescribe medication and monitor you to see if you need to be referred to specialists. Painkillers and Supplements for deficiency of minerals and nutrition are also being given.

How does the Traditional Chinese define conditions of a person's health? There are many ways in a Chinese physician which they gauge their findings. These are mainly general well being of a person before conditions become critical. As an Asian, normally at an initial signs of change of our body that is being felt, we usually like to practise self medication by purchasing herbals, and supplements from the Chinese Medical Hall.

Look at how we breakdown a fever symptom.
Feeling Feverish in the morning - Deficiency of gallbladder energy
Feeling Feverish in the afternoon - Deficiency of yin, dampness-heat
Feverish without feeling cold - Excess yang nature, usually seen in acute diseases
Feeling chilly without having a fever - Deficiency of yang nature, usually seen in chronic diseases
Limbs feel cold - Deficiency of yang
Heat in the abdomen and chest - Accumulated internal heat
Whole body is feverish and is afraid of cold - Usually caused by febrile factors.

Looking at these, the physician will then prescribe the natural herbals that will strengthen or aid the targeted spot to heal. Chinese medicine usually work slower than the Western because their objective is to bring the body back to a balance of yin and yang. These self medication works in an early stage but it is not advisable to practise it whereby an illness or disease is onset on the body. Traditional medicine works parallel in healing a body back to it's balanced healthy state in their natural herbs and supplements. They are not to be used as medicine and best to be consulted if the person is ill.

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Hazel said...

hi,i prefer chinese traditional medicine

Anonymous said...

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