Mar 14, 2008


I am very tempted to share this yummy recipe which I just tried last week. At home I store lots and lots of cheese because the kids get their calcium from it. There was a time when I bought as many as 20 packs of 6slices per pack because it was on offer. I use them in many of my dishes when I am not cooking Asian or Local dishes.

The kids love cheese over their pasta, sandwiches, pies, chips, fries! Last week I did a casserole instead. Here is what I did.

You will need:
500gm of minced beef (chicken is fine if you have personal reasons for not eating beef)
1 onions chopped fine (my kids don't eat onions but finely chopped is ok)
1/2 can of ketchup
1/2 can of tomato sauce
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp pepper

8-10 slices of cheese or 500gm of mozarella is fine
200gms of chilled digestives biscuits

Saute the onions in oil, add the beef and break it up so it doesn't clump together. Add the ketchup, tomato sauce, seasoning and let if simmer a while. Taste and add more seasoning based on your preferece of sweetness but go easy on the salt since we are adding cheese.

Remove from heat and pour on your casserole dish or baking pan. Line the biscuits at the side, inserting into the beef mixture. top them all using the cheese. Add more biscuits at the top if you want. Put them in the oven for about 10mins to low heat to let the cheese melt. This is really yummy!

You can add some spinach if you want to get a balance healthy beef casserole biccy.

3 cheers:

Pamps said...

yummy..i'll try this even though i dont like hopping from big bang -Pamps

Abby said...

wow... another of your good eats! i have a tag for you, girl. get it from my journal (

have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

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