Mar 16, 2008


In one of my previous post, I wrote about the foot reflexology and it's benefits. I have some of my friends who are not keen in letting their feet be massaged at all. So what do you think are other methods that are similar in Food Reflexology?

Well for one, Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the act of washing feet also has masso therapeutic effects. This washing of feet is best done before bedtime. It is done in a simple method. Fill a basin with warm water and soak your feet in it. Rub your feet at the same time. This will boost blood circulation, treat diseases and strengthen the constitution.

Another way is to wear slippers with bumps. Lately many slippers have these reflexology bumps. It is good to wear these slippers during a few hours of the day as it massages the feet as you walk. I have a pair of bedroom slippers that works wonders. It has these bumps and I wear it in the house in the morning and evening. It makes me feel awake when I put it on. In the evening especially after a whole day on my feet, it helps to soothe away the pain.

You can also set up your little garden with a patch of pebbles flooring. You can potter in your garden in your barefeet and step on these pebbles and feel fully refreshed. I have a friend who made one in his aparment, which is truly a good idea. Most asians do not wear shoes in the house so walking on these is a good way for reflexology.

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stay-at-home mum said...

There is a park with those pebble flooring near my home and when i tried it, ouch! it was so painful!!

Kevin Kunz said...

Like any exercise it is a good idea to warm up before walking on these reflexology paths. Try a simple foot roller and do a few minutes of rolling before setting foot on the path.

Kevin Kunz