Feb 9, 2008


I was browzing for Valentine's Day features when I spotted this. Do spells like this exist? Only the ones who have tried will know. Have you heard of any other interesting spells that people use these days? Are they just Myths? Like how the Asians link Red with Luck.

What do you think?

What you will need:
A Valentine's Day Card
A Red Candle (for passionate love) or A Pink Candle (for romantic love)

Write the name of your loved one on the Valentine's Day card. Drip the candle wax on the envelope to seal the Valentine's Day card. Keep this card into the same drawer where you keep all you lingerie.

Your love one will be in contact with you within 4 months.

3 cheers:

Liza said...

Interesting. Thanks for adding me ;)
I've added you here too:

A Simple Life

moms..... check nyo

Take care and happy Sunday.

Anonymous said...

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Drali Afrohealer said...

valentines day is very special and all lovers need a love spell to be sure of their loved ones