Feb 6, 2008


My first brush with Singapore food happened when I was only 18, and working part time waiting tables in a small restaurant in Pearl of the Orient. Nope, it wasn't a Singapore food restaurant, mind you. It was what we had for supper after working late till the restaurant closed. The chefs in the kitchen were dishing up Singapore Fried Beehoon for supper. Well, it was really nice, or maybe I was too hungry and they added too much MSG into it. But that was so delicious that if I were in Singapore, I'd try the real thing.

So when I finally took a trip down to Singapore a year later, it wasn't for the famous Chicken Rice, nor the delectable Chilly Crab. I was searching high and low for the Singapore Bee Hoon. I finally found out that they were usually sold by Chinese Seafood (Zhu Char) stalls, and restaurants that cook up a storm of familly dinner meals. The usual coffee shop sells those in their menu, among the Hor Fan, Fried Hokkien Mee, and meal dishes.

I don't see much publicity in this simple meal compared to the Chilly Crab, Chicken Rice, Katong Laksa or the Singapore Fried Rice. I believe this should be made a national dish, for it's simplicity and taste. They Singapore Bee Hoon, also known as Sin Chow Bee Hoon is Fried Vermicelli fried with lots of vegetable, egg, some char siew and small prawns. Best is when they top it with Shredded Iceberg Lettuce.

Here is a picture of how it looks like. :) Taste wise, YUMMY! In this picture, the Shredded lettuce has been omitted to allow a clearer view of the dish.

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Liza said...

It looks yummy and it's making me hungry, lol. I saw you from the big bang explosion. Have a nice day.

mommy's little corner

Anonymous said...

Hi I was searching the internet for the recipe and I chanced upon your blog! Can you share your recipe for Sin chow mee hoon?

Caramel Corn said...

sure, will post one up soon!

lin said...


Anonymous said...

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