Feb 10, 2008


Lunar New Year 2008 officially starts on the 7 February. But did you know that The new Chinese Calendar as first day of solar calendar (li chun) falls on 4th February. Li Chun signals the start of Spring.

Rat is the beginning of the zodiac cycle, or rather, the first animal in a cycle of 12 animals. Those born under the Rat sign are taught to possesss many talents, natural leaders and has intelligence, wit, is resourceful and diligence. They can adapt to different environment easily , loyal and protective over the loved ones and also ambitious and enterprising.

Their negative qualities are that Rat people tend to be short-tempered and easily agitated. The obsession with detail and intolerance of imperfection can be rather controlling and cruel.

Predictions revealed that those born during the day will live a more comfortable life compared to those born in the night.

Several famous rat personalities are: William Shakespeare, George Washington, Claude Monet, Yves Saint Laurent and Avril Lavigne.

Are you one of them? Do you know of any rat persons who have such qualities or are quite unlike the general Rat personalities? Tell me about it!

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Abby said...

hi. im a rat person. i've read the qualities of the rate, and i say that its so true. i sure hope that its gonna be a great year, if not a good year for me.

hey, i'd like to tell you that you have a cool thing going on here. interesting entries, too bad i haven't got all day to read all of them. good job.

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bye for now... have a great day!