Feb 19, 2008


Tips to prevent cross contamination

When shopping, always separate raw meat or seafood from the other foods. Placing them together might have some raw juices from the meat or seafood dripped onto your other foodstuff. Best way is to place the raw items in plastic bags, separate.

In your refrigerator, put the raw meat/seafoods in sealed plastic bags. Raw juice contain harmful bacteria. Eggs should also be kept in its own carton box and kept in the fridge as soon as you have bought it.

When you are preparing food, always make sure you wash your hands clean first. Surfaces must be clean and dry. Any spills of raw juices must be promptly wiped and cleaned. Make sure that your chopping board for raw food is not used for your fruits, vegetable and other food. Always wash your hands after handling raw food. Use warm soapy water for your hands and all your chopping boards. A tablespoon of unscented chlorine per gallon of water can be mixed to sanitise your chopping boards and work tops.

Marinate your food quickly and place them covered and sealed in the fridge. Warm temperature only encourage breeding of virus and may cause food poisoning.

Do not use raw sauce or gravy which have been used to marinate meats. If you really need to, make sure it has been cooked /boiled first.

Leftovers or uneaten food must be covered and kept in refrigeration to prevent the harmful bacteria from multiplying.

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