Feb 10, 2008


Some of you might be shopping or have already gotten your Valentine's Day prezzie, eh. I saw this gift online while on a browzing spree. This is a remote control, pink in colour and shaped like a heart! Adam Sanders, in the movie The Wedding Singer, dedicated a song to Drew Barrymore. In the song he sang "... I'd even let you hold the remote control... " Well, ladies, I am pretty sure you will know what I mean. The remote control seemed to be every (well, almost!) wives' nightmare. Perhapes it is time we all changed the home remote to this, girly wurly one.

Does your partner or spouse have a habit of spending more time on the couch or sofa with his remote control? Mine does...lol

Product Information:
This outrageously fun, universal TV remote hides sophisticated technology behind a pretty-in-pink oversized exterior. Program 6 devices (TV, VCR, DVD, SAT, AUD, CAB).

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