Feb 3, 2008


On a normal day, we may lose as many as 50 to 100 hairs. Losing more than that, you might end up with a balding patch or thinning hair. It will get worst if the growth for new hair is not being addressed. What are the problems that causes hair loss. Diets, stress, hereditary, thyroid diseases and exposure to radiation are some of the factors that contributes to hair loss.

If you are losing your hair or have just noticed it, you will probably be worried. You might be searching for the best products and treatments to solve this problem. One way is to read up on effective hair loss products that has been reviewed.

Provillus is a hair loss product that has made it to the top. It ranks best among the many available products in a hair loss product site. Provillus is priced very reasonable, and is in the form of pills. Forget about the time consuming ways of applying hair solutions, tonics and spending your precious time in the bathroom trying to get the application right. Some hair tonics have such a terrible smell and causes one to feel embarrased when meeting potential clients.

Provillus reviews are rated by customers. It is ranked by price, type, effectiveness, longetivity, safety, term of results and customers satisfaction. Also it is guaranteed with 100% money back. Check out the provillus review and read what the customers have to say.

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