Feb 16, 2008


Lately I have been spending a lot of time on my computer. Blogging, visiting blogs and also chatting away. I have not been able to really get away so its usually on my chair or to run errands or tend the the house routine stuff and the girls. In the weekends, I also find myself blogging erratically and writing emails. Is there life after blogging? Well, I certainly think there is.. but i really love blogging, for now. Until I can find myself a better hobby, BLOGGING it shall be.

Well to ease your eyes from the pc, they say rest them after a while and look at some greens.. well, here are some green photos which i took of the swamp and the little what may have near home. Enjoy..

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Liza said...

Ang gaganda! Saan ito? Ako rin lately na-busy kaka-blog, I'd love a vacation too.

Have a blessed week ahead.