Feb 3, 2008


My neighbour complains about how his dog was once infested with ticks even though he shampoos the dog frequently. It was so bad that he brought the dog to the vet to have the fur totally shaven off. His aunt gave him a home recipe as a prevention. And it has helped for so many years since he regularly uses it.

Herbs are natural products that are used widely by farmers who also use them to get rid of pests that spoil rotten their harvest. I use garlic bulbs stuck on my plants to avoid snails and ants. I also put them into drawer because I heard it helps to prevent silverfish.. not sure if it's true but no harm anyway.

If you have a home remedy that works wonders, do share it with me and the viewers here.

Fleas and Ticks
Wash pets with castile soap and water, dry thoroughly, apply an herbal rinse made by adding 1/2 cup fresh or dried rosemary to a quart of boiling water (steep for 20 minutes, strain and cool. Spray or sponge onto pets hair, massage into skin. Let air dry, do NOT towel dry as this removes the residue of the rosemary.

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