Feb 3, 2008


Woman around the world swear by moisturisers to keep their skin and body supple and fit.

Beauty shops, pharmacies and online drugstores carry a wide range of beauty creams, oils and more for the prevention of stretch marks. Some spend thousands of dollars for expensive treatments in salons and clinics.

Stretch marks are every woman's nightmare, especially the ones who are trying to lose weight, have lost weight, and after pregnancy. Some of my girlfriends sees stretch marks appearing during the stages in their pregnancy and it becomes a permanent scar after the delivery. Worst are those who had twins and triplets. So how does one treat or even prevent stretch marks? Which products would you think is the best or most effective? Stretch mark cream products do not come cheap either. One certainly cannot afford to try just every product available in the market with that massive range! One good way would be to read about it and shortlist them to a few best finds, based on actual consumers usage.

Divas blog is one site which you can save time trying out so many creams or surf countless websites to read about their many products. Stretch mark creams are shortlisted to as few as top 4 in the market and reviews by consumers who have really tried them. The top product in the list is revitol stretch mark cream, among a list of four effective stretch mark products. Revitol stretch mark cream came out as Best Valued based on price, effectiveness tried on 10 different people. Check out the site and read about their story.

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