Feb 18, 2008


Without emotion, man would be nothing
but a biological computer.

Love, joy,sorrow,
fear, apprehension, anger,

satisfaction, and discontent provide
the meaning of human existence.

Arnold M. Ludwig---1980

For the benefit of friends and their families, I thought it would be good to cover a topic about Depression as one of the post. For many, some liken Depression to a state of mental health, that often goes unrecognised. It can happen to anyone, even your friend who could be on the phone with you a minute ago.

It is an experience of a point of unhappiness at some point of their lives. For some, it may be seasonal but for some unhappiness, it can be developed into depressive illness. This is when a real illness that goes unrecognised by their friends, and family. People as young as children and teenagers can be affected by depression so please do not think that they are too young at all. An unhappiness or mild depression can start when they are young and develop deeper in their adult years if it is neglected.

What Depression is
A depression is when the feeling of being down does not go away quickly. It can get so bad that it becomes an interference in a part of their everyday life.

For those who would like to find out more about Depression further, I have some useful sites here. If you think you know someone who may be suffering from Depression, it is wise to read about this and help him or her out.


or take a useful online depression screening test

Were you ever in some point of your life when you were depressed? Talk about it, sometimes it helps. Never mind if it is just someone whom you may not know on the internet, but if there's a listening ear, go ahead.

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