Feb 26, 2008


When I was in my first year of school, I had to sit next to a bigger girl than me. She was also the class bully then. We called her Jenny. Jenny came from a broken home and she was a tough girl. She didn't care much about school because she had a mind of her own. Books and homework weren't important and she wasn't even afraid of the teachers. Teachers didn't bother much with her except taking it out on her for punishment which was so frequent. That little punishment corner was even nicknamed Jenny's Corner..

She was a latchkey kid and her survival instincts at such a young age probably taught her much about fighting for what she wanted and getting it before others get the chance. Once she would climbed over the school gate (probably about 6 feet high!) to get to the other side to the little milk bar for some snacks. She was caught by the school warden and sent for disciplinary action. She was very notorious in the school and everyone avoided her. We don't know how she was feeling because she held a very tough expression except for some smile of triumph when she gets what she wanted. She also extorted money from her friends.

One thing which changed her was the acceptance into the classroom environment by her third grade teacher. She was a very kind teacher and she made Jenny a class monitor. From that day onwards Jenny changed and she was the most well behaved kid in the class and she made some great effort in her studies which was admirable. However when her mother moved away, she went to live with an aunt and study elsewhere. I cannot bear to think of teachers who may be biased and treat 'errant' kids like Jenny. Sometimes love and acceptance are vital to a kid's growth.

This book was written to assist Teachers from Kindergarten till Grade 8. Some kids hate school because of a school bully. Some happens to be the school bully himself/herself. If you would like to gain more opinions on how to handle kids like that, this book may be interesting.

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Joze Foo said...

did you know the same method was used on my aunt Rowena but she is not the notorious kids in class but the most talkative.......

Caramel Corn said...

hehehe.. i think most kids are talkative.. i was too. prob tat was the reason my teacher placed me to sit with a class bully?!!