Feb 28, 2008


I was doing a search for Brownies on the internet when I ended up on Oprah.com. I've watched many of her talk shows and I think what she did was great. She gives alot back to the community and helps to bring many closer together. Among her much talk about in her show that I liked was about food. This Brownie recipe in her website seemed really yummy. It is not the usual Brownies you usually have because this is Brownie with Carrot and Spinach. I love Brownie and I also love Carrot Cakes. Spinach is one of my favourite vegetable and I always have it in a pie, baked with lots of cheese and mushrooms and onions. So this recipe is like a 3-in-1 for me.. All my favourite things.

Here's the recipe:
Oprah's Brownie (Carrot and Spinach)

* Nonstick cooking spray
* 3 oz. semisweet or bittersweet chocolate
* 1/2 cup carrot puree
* 1/2 cup spinach puree
* 1/2 cup firmly packed light or dark brown sugar
* 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
* 2 Tbsp. trans-fat-free soft tub margarine spread
* 2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
* 2 large egg whites
* 3/4 cup oat flour or all-purpose flour
* 1/2 tsp. baking powder
* 1/2 tsp. salt

Preheat the oven to 350°. Coat an 8" x 8" baking pan with cooking spray.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or over a very low flame.

In a large bowl, combine the melted chocolate, vegetable purees, sugar, cocoa powder, margarine and vanilla and whisk until smooth and creamy, 1 to 2 minutes.

Whisk in egg whites. Stir in the flour, baking powder, and salt with a wooden spoon.

Pour the batter into the pan and bake 35 to 40 minutes. Cool completely in the pan before cutting into 12 bars.

Oh, and by the way. I wasn't searching for edible Brownie but actually the Brownies as in the little girls in camps thingy. After Brownies, they grow up to be Girl Guides. I was looking for the Brownie Handbook. But this search was fruitful too!


I LOVE to eat Avocados. At home, I'd halve them, take the seed out and scoop them out. With a large spoon, scoop the fleshy avocado and eat them with prawns that have just been cooked briefly in boiling water. Add a little thousand island if you like. It tastes heavenly.

Avocados are rich in vitamins like Folate, Vitamins A and C, Potassium and they are very rich in monounsaturated fat. Monounsaturated fats can be found in healthy foods like Olive Oil, Nuts and Salmon as well.

To speed up an avocado, simply put it in a little bag and it will ripen faster. Of course the best way is for it to get ripe off the tree itself. Pureed avocado with a few tablespoonful of lemon juice freeze well for a few months. Great for dips!

Add avocado to your diet. See it work wonders for a healthy you.

Feb 26, 2008


When I was in my first year of school, I had to sit next to a bigger girl than me. She was also the class bully then. We called her Jenny. Jenny came from a broken home and she was a tough girl. She didn't care much about school because she had a mind of her own. Books and homework weren't important and she wasn't even afraid of the teachers. Teachers didn't bother much with her except taking it out on her for punishment which was so frequent. That little punishment corner was even nicknamed Jenny's Corner..

She was a latchkey kid and her survival instincts at such a young age probably taught her much about fighting for what she wanted and getting it before others get the chance. Once she would climbed over the school gate (probably about 6 feet high!) to get to the other side to the little milk bar for some snacks. She was caught by the school warden and sent for disciplinary action. She was very notorious in the school and everyone avoided her. We don't know how she was feeling because she held a very tough expression except for some smile of triumph when she gets what she wanted. She also extorted money from her friends.

One thing which changed her was the acceptance into the classroom environment by her third grade teacher. She was a very kind teacher and she made Jenny a class monitor. From that day onwards Jenny changed and she was the most well behaved kid in the class and she made some great effort in her studies which was admirable. However when her mother moved away, she went to live with an aunt and study elsewhere. I cannot bear to think of teachers who may be biased and treat 'errant' kids like Jenny. Sometimes love and acceptance are vital to a kid's growth.

This book was written to assist Teachers from Kindergarten till Grade 8. Some kids hate school because of a school bully. Some happens to be the school bully himself/herself. If you would like to gain more opinions on how to handle kids like that, this book may be interesting.

Feb 23, 2008


If you have an eye for Japanese things like me, you might like these fabric. I have been searching for fabric to make them into sheets and small little pillow cases for girls room, when I found this site htt://warmbiscuit.com The designs feature little children in kimono and little geishas as well.

Feb 22, 2008


Exercise is the key to fitness. Do you know that some jobs give a great workout and help to keep him or her toned and fit. Guess who they are?

1. Painters
2. Landscapers
3. Childcare workers ( and mummies too?)
4. Construction labourers
5. Courier/Messengers
6. Farm workers
7. Camera operators
8. Stock material movers

Well, why do you think these people are fitter than the rest of us? Well their job requires alot of physical movement like arms, legs in their bending, couching, lifting and moving things that weight quite a fair bit.

So don't blame yourself that you are putting on weight if you are sitting on that office chair of yours like 8 hours a day. And don't be a couch potato once you are home..

Feb 19, 2008


Tips to prevent cross contamination

When shopping, always separate raw meat or seafood from the other foods. Placing them together might have some raw juices from the meat or seafood dripped onto your other foodstuff. Best way is to place the raw items in plastic bags, separate.

In your refrigerator, put the raw meat/seafoods in sealed plastic bags. Raw juice contain harmful bacteria. Eggs should also be kept in its own carton box and kept in the fridge as soon as you have bought it.

When you are preparing food, always make sure you wash your hands clean first. Surfaces must be clean and dry. Any spills of raw juices must be promptly wiped and cleaned. Make sure that your chopping board for raw food is not used for your fruits, vegetable and other food. Always wash your hands after handling raw food. Use warm soapy water for your hands and all your chopping boards. A tablespoon of unscented chlorine per gallon of water can be mixed to sanitise your chopping boards and work tops.

Marinate your food quickly and place them covered and sealed in the fridge. Warm temperature only encourage breeding of virus and may cause food poisoning.

Do not use raw sauce or gravy which have been used to marinate meats. If you really need to, make sure it has been cooked /boiled first.

Leftovers or uneaten food must be covered and kept in refrigeration to prevent the harmful bacteria from multiplying.

Feb 18, 2008


Without emotion, man would be nothing
but a biological computer.

Love, joy,sorrow,
fear, apprehension, anger,

satisfaction, and discontent provide
the meaning of human existence.

Arnold M. Ludwig---1980

For the benefit of friends and their families, I thought it would be good to cover a topic about Depression as one of the post. For many, some liken Depression to a state of mental health, that often goes unrecognised. It can happen to anyone, even your friend who could be on the phone with you a minute ago.

It is an experience of a point of unhappiness at some point of their lives. For some, it may be seasonal but for some unhappiness, it can be developed into depressive illness. This is when a real illness that goes unrecognised by their friends, and family. People as young as children and teenagers can be affected by depression so please do not think that they are too young at all. An unhappiness or mild depression can start when they are young and develop deeper in their adult years if it is neglected.

What Depression is
A depression is when the feeling of being down does not go away quickly. It can get so bad that it becomes an interference in a part of their everyday life.

For those who would like to find out more about Depression further, I have some useful sites here. If you think you know someone who may be suffering from Depression, it is wise to read about this and help him or her out.


or take a useful online depression screening test

Were you ever in some point of your life when you were depressed? Talk about it, sometimes it helps. Never mind if it is just someone whom you may not know on the internet, but if there's a listening ear, go ahead.


Hey The Oscars is just less than a week away.. Have you been following on who the nominees are? Well if you have no idea, check it out in this widget below.

Here is a list of The Oscars' Printable Ballot List for you, to get you started.

Feb 16, 2008


Lately I have been spending a lot of time on my computer. Blogging, visiting blogs and also chatting away. I have not been able to really get away so its usually on my chair or to run errands or tend the the house routine stuff and the girls. In the weekends, I also find myself blogging erratically and writing emails. Is there life after blogging? Well, I certainly think there is.. but i really love blogging, for now. Until I can find myself a better hobby, BLOGGING it shall be.

Well to ease your eyes from the pc, they say rest them after a while and look at some greens.. well, here are some green photos which i took of the swamp and the little what may have near home. Enjoy..

Feb 15, 2008


If you come across this blog while blog hopping, you may be wondering what this post is all about. Well I had just signed up with PayPerPost recently. PayPerPost offers one of the best service for bloggers to make some money writing reviews. These are also known as blog ads, except that it doesn't come in the form of banners like the one you see while surfing.

So what am I going to do with the money I shall earn from PayPerPost then? For a start, I am dying to upgrade to a laptop. I've been surfing, and going to those PC stores at every chance I get in the past few weeks. A reasonably good laptop may not come cheap too. A good processor speed, and enough RAM to boot. My preferance is actually to get an Apple laptop but I am not sure if I can afford that, yet. I am crossing my fingers first.

So if you are a Blogger, I think you should be earning money from your blog. I'm just as happy sharing this with you. If you have an online business, this is really a good chance to market your products or services to the gazillions of bloggers out there! Bloggers belong to a good network of community. We love to read what other Bloggers have to say. Reading blog ads are really a more effective way compared to all those banner ads and pop ups that become so irritating. Also they become white noise after a while too.

PayPerPost has done a good job for Advertisers to get their message across and made so many bloggers happy earning some part time money as well.

Feb 14, 2008


Before my day is up, I'd received my first flowers of the day...One that will not wilt and stay online forever.. Thank you to Abby!

Feb 13, 2008


I get so happy receiving awards like these. Thanks to Liz for sharing it with me! I'd now like to share it with Joze, Dragon, Nancy, Sue, and Abby.


I got this tag from Liz.

Here are the rules:

* First copy and paste it.* Do not remove any content.* Just add One word related to your blogs.* If you don't like the concept Pls! say no?* Our main goal is we are going to circulate our number of friends.* The more people join the "pass it to the front" the more links we generate.* Lastly write only one word "short" for your blogs...*Keep it simple and short,i know some of you have more than one blogs.* the color is only black,gray, or white plssss avoid using any color okies.Let me show you:1.-Filipina,2.-Darling allen,3.-Abroad,4.-Halfway,5.-life 6.- culture 7.-interracial 8.-pinaystories/ 9./pinaysinglelooking-10./health 11. Sunny 12. Remedy 13. Add your link here

With this, I tag Sue, Angeleyes, Hazel, and Allenooi


Wanted to post this up a week ago, but with the rush for Lunar New Year preparation, I'd not gotten down to it. I had taken snapshots of Lor Bak in the making. I made them for our small Lunar New Year Reunion Dinner. The recipe can be found here from one of my blog posts, or you can find them filed under Penang Food.

My mum used to make them for Lunar New Year reunion dinner, but since this year, with school and short holidays, we were not able to make a trip. To make sure my girls don't miss out on the family tradition I made some and freezed them 2 days before Lunar New Year.

Below are the snapshots taken while wrap-rolling the Lor Bak.

Feb 10, 2008


Some of you might be shopping or have already gotten your Valentine's Day prezzie, eh. I saw this gift online while on a browzing spree. This is a remote control, pink in colour and shaped like a heart! Adam Sanders, in the movie The Wedding Singer, dedicated a song to Drew Barrymore. In the song he sang "... I'd even let you hold the remote control... " Well, ladies, I am pretty sure you will know what I mean. The remote control seemed to be every (well, almost!) wives' nightmare. Perhapes it is time we all changed the home remote to this, girly wurly one.

Does your partner or spouse have a habit of spending more time on the couch or sofa with his remote control? Mine does...lol

Product Information:
This outrageously fun, universal TV remote hides sophisticated technology behind a pretty-in-pink oversized exterior. Program 6 devices (TV, VCR, DVD, SAT, AUD, CAB).


Jewellery boxes don't really have to be for ladies. Some are made for the man in your life too. This one has a clock and the little drawers, perfect for his cuff-links and tie clips! Also good for Fathers' Day or as corporate gifts. I found it here.


Do you have a first aid box at home? In the car? Well, first aid essentials are not simply just plasters and pain killers. Here is a list of supplies you should have in case of an emergency. If you have some feedback as in what is also good to add, do post in so that we can share them. Here is my list a proper emergency supplies and medication kit (my personal list, that is).

For Dressing
Cotton Buds, Sterile Cotton Balls to apply antiseptic or saline solution to wounds
Plasters for small cuts, abrasions
Antiseptic Lotion/Ointment to prevent infection
Sterile Gauze Pad apply directly onto wound to keep them clean
Sterile Saline Solution
Antiseptic Lotion (Postssium Permanganate Solution)

For Bandages
Crepe Bandage (a 5cm wide and a 7.5cm wide)
This is to be used as pressure dressing to stop bleeding

Triangular Bandage (2 pcs)
This is to immobilise fractured areas, dressings for wounds.

Medication (oral)
Paracetamol 500mg to relieve headaches, body aches and pains. (other common names are Panadol and Biogesic)

Anti Diarrhoea medicine like Lomotil, Loperamide and Lacteol Fort helps to treat watery diarrhoea and loose stools

Charcoal Tablets or pills to treat watery diarrhoea, gas and food poisoning

Anti Vomitting medicine like Metoclopramide and Domperidone, helps to stop nausea and vomitting in motion sickness, stomach infection or giddiness

Gastric Medicine like Allumag and Antacid relieves gastric discomfort.

Calamine Lotion to soothe sunburn, itch, rashes, insect stings, chicken pox

Water-based Burn Gel to help cool minor burns or scalds

Medicated Oil helps to relieve nasal congestions

Analgesic Cream or Spray relieves muscle aches and pains

Other equipments and instruments

Hypoallergenic Microporous Tape, Safety pins, Small flash light, Hot and Cold compress, Insulating Blanket, Disposable Glove, Scissors, Digital Thermometer, Tweezers, Lighter, Small Plastic Saline Container, Sterile Alcohol Wipes and Face Mask.

I hope you will find this list helpful. It helps to have a list of items in case of emergency.


Lunar New Year 2008 officially starts on the 7 February. But did you know that The new Chinese Calendar as first day of solar calendar (li chun) falls on 4th February. Li Chun signals the start of Spring.

Rat is the beginning of the zodiac cycle, or rather, the first animal in a cycle of 12 animals. Those born under the Rat sign are taught to possesss many talents, natural leaders and has intelligence, wit, is resourceful and diligence. They can adapt to different environment easily , loyal and protective over the loved ones and also ambitious and enterprising.

Their negative qualities are that Rat people tend to be short-tempered and easily agitated. The obsession with detail and intolerance of imperfection can be rather controlling and cruel.

Predictions revealed that those born during the day will live a more comfortable life compared to those born in the night.

Several famous rat personalities are: William Shakespeare, George Washington, Claude Monet, Yves Saint Laurent and Avril Lavigne.

Are you one of them? Do you know of any rat persons who have such qualities or are quite unlike the general Rat personalities? Tell me about it!

Feb 9, 2008


Many things come to mind as we grow old. Things like nutrition, activities, care, finance, social life and health. Aging means our body have limitations and we find ourselves having to ask for help even in the simple things in our life. Although we have loved ones to care and help, we are responsible in planning for our own life even as we grow old. One example would be to engage the services of a care home.

Many elderly may not understand what it is to be placed under the services of a care home. Contrary to some misconceptions, care home is dedicated to provide the elderly with the best choice of living standards. They have the professional services of trained nurses, nutritionists and activities planned to give a wholesome lifestyle for the elderly.

Bettercaring is a comphrehensive website that covers all your queries about issues concerning the elderly, as well as a list of care or nursing homes which are available. Find out what it means to move into a care home and tips about what you will need before moving to one. Go to their community blog to read about the real life experiences and stories. You can also write and share about your own experience about issues growing old, like health and home issues here.


I was browzing for Valentine's Day features when I spotted this. Do spells like this exist? Only the ones who have tried will know. Have you heard of any other interesting spells that people use these days? Are they just Myths? Like how the Asians link Red with Luck.

What do you think?

What you will need:
A Valentine's Day Card
A Red Candle (for passionate love) or A Pink Candle (for romantic love)

Write the name of your loved one on the Valentine's Day card. Drip the candle wax on the envelope to seal the Valentine's Day card. Keep this card into the same drawer where you keep all you lingerie.

Your love one will be in contact with you within 4 months.

Feb 7, 2008


Look at this video of Singaporean Civil Servants doing a rap song. Interesting, eh.


I love to have the Laughing Buddha (Maitreya) in my home, and car. I go to the FengShui Shops in town to shop for unique figurines of it. It gives me a sense of calmness and happiness just by looking at at. Some say it helps to dispel anger and also illness. As a collector, I try to look for the ones in porcelain white. A tint of pink is fine, but my favourites are mainly just plain simple white porcelain. When choosing them, I'd look for the facial expression and how cheerful he looks. Here is the Laughing Buddha on the dashboard of our family car.


There is no end to what you can do on the internet world. Read ebooks, shopping, find recipes, online games, chats, research, education and run your business online.

In this post, I shall share with you how to make money blogging. If you are a blogger, you will certainly benefit from it. I have just turned full time blogger, with an objective - get paid for blogging. So how do you do that, you may ask.

Advertisers have many ways to advertise on blogs. Taking the world by storm is to get bloggers to do a personal review on their products. This is what they call Blog advertising.

First, you will need to register your blog with Smorty. Smorty is a service that connects Bloggers with Advertisers out there. Advertisers, through Smorty then look for registered Bloggers to write opinion posts about the products. Write about 150 to 400 words about their products or services based on Advertisers' requirements. In the review, link up some keywords to advertisers' websites. It's really so simple! There is no end to jobs, because Smorty has so many Advertisers who are registered with Smorty. Look for the Advertisers that you think is relevant with your blog category.

Feb 6, 2008


My first brush with Singapore food happened when I was only 18, and working part time waiting tables in a small restaurant in Pearl of the Orient. Nope, it wasn't a Singapore food restaurant, mind you. It was what we had for supper after working late till the restaurant closed. The chefs in the kitchen were dishing up Singapore Fried Beehoon for supper. Well, it was really nice, or maybe I was too hungry and they added too much MSG into it. But that was so delicious that if I were in Singapore, I'd try the real thing.

So when I finally took a trip down to Singapore a year later, it wasn't for the famous Chicken Rice, nor the delectable Chilly Crab. I was searching high and low for the Singapore Bee Hoon. I finally found out that they were usually sold by Chinese Seafood (Zhu Char) stalls, and restaurants that cook up a storm of familly dinner meals. The usual coffee shop sells those in their menu, among the Hor Fan, Fried Hokkien Mee, and meal dishes.

I don't see much publicity in this simple meal compared to the Chilly Crab, Chicken Rice, Katong Laksa or the Singapore Fried Rice. I believe this should be made a national dish, for it's simplicity and taste. They Singapore Bee Hoon, also known as Sin Chow Bee Hoon is Fried Vermicelli fried with lots of vegetable, egg, some char siew and small prawns. Best is when they top it with Shredded Iceberg Lettuce.

Here is a picture of how it looks like. :) Taste wise, YUMMY! In this picture, the Shredded lettuce has been omitted to allow a clearer view of the dish.

You might also be interested in:
1. Penang Char Koay Teow
2. Penang Lor Bak

1. Make Money Blogging

Feb 5, 2008


Penang Lor Bak is somewhat different from the Singapore type. The Singapore ones are simply called Ngoh Hiang. Ngoh Hiang is the variety of mixed fried stuff like the ones in the Lor Bak variety. Century Egss, Prawn Crisps, Fish Cakes are some of them.

This recipe that I have is for the Penang ones. The difference in these two countries is that Penang ones uses meat fillet, whereas the Singapore ones uses minced meat version. Lor Bak can served with a thick gravy or the plum based gravy. I am trying to find an authentic Penang 'Lor' gravy that goes with the Penang Lor Bak. Do you know of a recipe you could share with me? The Singapore Ngoh Hiang has a very strong 5-spice smell. I try to use lesseer of this spice when I make the Penang Lor Bak. One way is to buy them from Penang.

I shall be making these this afternoon. I will be marinating the meat first and leave it for a few hours, then only wrap them up. When they are all wrapped up, I shall freeze them in the freezer for Chinese New Year. In the meantime, here is the recipe.

Recipe for Lor Bak/Ngoh Hiang
320g lean pork fillet cut into thin 1.5 thin strips
3nos water chestnuts, chopped coarsely
3-4 nos shallots chopped

1 tsp 5-spice powder
1.5 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
1.5 tbsp sugar
3 tsp tapioca flour
1/2 tsp pepper powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp soya sauce

Dried beancurd sheets (keep them moist with a damp cloth.
Oil enough to deep fry
C) in a small bowl, stir 2 tbsp of flour to 2 tbsp of water for sealing of the sheets.

Marinating the meat
Mix the ingredients of the filling till they are even.
Add the marinade ingredients and mix them well.

On a cutting mat or marble top, lay a piece of beansurd sheet. Scoop about 2 tablespoons of the marinated meat on to the centre and form them into the shape of long roll. Roll the filling with the beancurd sheet and seal the ends with C. You can twist the ends of the extra sheet on the two ends or you can fold them back.

On a wok, make sure the oil is hot. Gently slide the wrapped lor bak into the oil and cook for about 5 mins or untill the skin is golden light brown in colour. Drain them on paper towels and cut them into 4 pcs each roll and serve with chilly sauce or plum dipping gravy.

Plum Dipping Sauce
1. 100ml plum sauce
2. 100ml water
3. 1 tbsp sugar

Egg white (use half only)
Dash of Salt and Pepper
2 tsp cornflour
3 tblsp water

Mix 1, 2, and 3 in a small pot and bring them up to a boil. Add the egg white very quickly and the seasoning. Mix the cornflour with the water and add these in to thicken the egg mixture, till it comes to a boil and then off the fire.

Feb 3, 2008


On a normal day, we may lose as many as 50 to 100 hairs. Losing more than that, you might end up with a balding patch or thinning hair. It will get worst if the growth for new hair is not being addressed. What are the problems that causes hair loss. Diets, stress, hereditary, thyroid diseases and exposure to radiation are some of the factors that contributes to hair loss.

If you are losing your hair or have just noticed it, you will probably be worried. You might be searching for the best products and treatments to solve this problem. One way is to read up on effective hair loss products that has been reviewed.

Provillus is a hair loss product that has made it to the top. It ranks best among the many available products in a hair loss product site. Provillus is priced very reasonable, and is in the form of pills. Forget about the time consuming ways of applying hair solutions, tonics and spending your precious time in the bathroom trying to get the application right. Some hair tonics have such a terrible smell and causes one to feel embarrased when meeting potential clients.

Provillus reviews are rated by customers. It is ranked by price, type, effectiveness, longetivity, safety, term of results and customers satisfaction. Also it is guaranteed with 100% money back. Check out the provillus review and read what the customers have to say.

This post was brought to you by Trustsource


My neighbour complains about how his dog was once infested with ticks even though he shampoos the dog frequently. It was so bad that he brought the dog to the vet to have the fur totally shaven off. His aunt gave him a home recipe as a prevention. And it has helped for so many years since he regularly uses it.

Herbs are natural products that are used widely by farmers who also use them to get rid of pests that spoil rotten their harvest. I use garlic bulbs stuck on my plants to avoid snails and ants. I also put them into drawer because I heard it helps to prevent silverfish.. not sure if it's true but no harm anyway.

If you have a home remedy that works wonders, do share it with me and the viewers here.

Fleas and Ticks
Wash pets with castile soap and water, dry thoroughly, apply an herbal rinse made by adding 1/2 cup fresh or dried rosemary to a quart of boiling water (steep for 20 minutes, strain and cool. Spray or sponge onto pets hair, massage into skin. Let air dry, do NOT towel dry as this removes the residue of the rosemary.


Woman around the world swear by moisturisers to keep their skin and body supple and fit.

Beauty shops, pharmacies and online drugstores carry a wide range of beauty creams, oils and more for the prevention of stretch marks. Some spend thousands of dollars for expensive treatments in salons and clinics.

Stretch marks are every woman's nightmare, especially the ones who are trying to lose weight, have lost weight, and after pregnancy. Some of my girlfriends sees stretch marks appearing during the stages in their pregnancy and it becomes a permanent scar after the delivery. Worst are those who had twins and triplets. So how does one treat or even prevent stretch marks? Which products would you think is the best or most effective? Stretch mark cream products do not come cheap either. One certainly cannot afford to try just every product available in the market with that massive range! One good way would be to read about it and shortlist them to a few best finds, based on actual consumers usage.

Divas blog is one site which you can save time trying out so many creams or surf countless websites to read about their many products. Stretch mark creams are shortlisted to as few as top 4 in the market and reviews by consumers who have really tried them. The top product in the list is revitol stretch mark cream, among a list of four effective stretch mark products. Revitol stretch mark cream came out as Best Valued based on price, effectiveness tried on 10 different people. Check out the site and read about their story.

This post was brought to you by Divas Blog

Feb 2, 2008


I am a fan of corn. I buy at least several corn on cobs every few days. There are many ways to cook them. Boil, Steam and even Barbeque. I boil it with Chicken or Pork stock and cooked them together with Winter Melon, Old Cucumber or even Sharksfin Melon. They add the natural sweetness to the soup. I usually cut into 4 pcs per cob. When the soup is ready, not only is the soup delicious, the corn is just nice and tender. Other than the fresh raw ones, I buy the frozen packed ones too. Steam them and add some butter and salt for taste. They are great snacks!

Corn is High in Nutrients
One of the benefits of corn is that it is high in nutrients. A few of these important nutrients are:
Thiamin (vitamin B1) which is used in the metabolism of carbohydrates.
Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) which helps with physiological functions.
Folate which helps the generation of new cells ? especially important before and during pregnancy.
Vitamin C which fights against diseases.

Corn is a Good Source of Fiber
One cup of corn provides 18.4% of the daily recommendation of fiber. Its high fiber content is one of the biggest benefits of corn. Fiber has been shown to help lower cholesterol levels and help reduce the risk of colon cancer. Fiber is also useful in helping to lower blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Adding More Corn to Your Diet
How do you get the benefits of corn when it's not in season and corn on the cob is not plentiful? You can still get the benefits of corn from corn that has been frozen when it is fresh. Try corn as side dish saute with carrots and onions. Add frozen corn to soup, puddings and icecream. Use corn oil instead of peanut oil for cooking. The addition of corn a couple of times a week to your diet will have healthful benefits.