Jan 13, 2008


There was never fortune cookies when I grew up. It was more like home-made cookies and cakes. But in the commercial world, it was fortune cookies. You watch that on TVs, in movies and sitcoms. In the restaurant, some use it as a strategy to make some customers happy. Most of the readings inside are mainly very philosophical, or positive. We all need good energy to make ourselves happy. So what is it with Fortune Cookies?

Fortune Cookies was a transition from mooncakes. Dating back to the 13th and 14th Century, mooncakes were used as a 'host' to contain secret messages passed on against invaders in China.

The days of American gold rush sees many labourers who were Chinese and poor. Not being able to afford moon cakes, fortune cookies were born simply because it was more affordable. The concept of the secret message inside the mooncake soon were adopted but happy and lucky messages were added into the cookies. Soon these novelty caught on before long the Chinese settlement in San Francisco had the idea of Fortune Cookies borned for commercial purposes. By 1964 the first automated production of Fortune Cookies were then started.

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