Jan 25, 2008


I tried out Shirley's pound cake the other day. We'd been exchanging cake recipes and she had one which was a simple pound cake. This one uses a whole slab of butter (250gm) and very little flour. A mix of plain and self raising flour actually. The steps were also simple actually. The end result was quite good. I need not separate the yolks and the whites. Also I could make two batches at the same time. Only at the end when folding the flour, I use separate bowls to make a different variety.

I did an original pound cake first batch and for the second batch, I replaced 50gm of the plain flour with cocoa powder and added half a teaspoon of baking powder in case the cake was too heavy. I baked it for 30mins at moderate heat and because of the high ration of butter against the ingredients, it probably needed no greasing if you used pans. It was moist and buttery, just the way I love my pound cakes. I made them into cup cakes. (100gm each of big ones since i only have big paper cups).

It uses only 100gm of sugar so its not sweet compared to most of the recipes I've used. I reckon you can also add the grated rind of orange to make it a little zesty. Thanks, Shirley. Gonna be making them in batches with Almonds and Bittersweet Choc Chips. It's a hit with my family.

Above: 100gms Chocolate Cupcakes.
Below 100gm Pound Cupcakes

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Sim said...

Glad your family likes it! It's the easier recipe i've ever had too.. Been baking it almost 10yrs.hahahahha.