Dec 8, 2007


There are times when you don't feel like having a heavy meal. At times like these, I like to cook a fish soup. Sliced Halibut with Spinach Soup.

This recipe, I used the Halibut Fish. Slice the fish carefully not to break the fragile slices. Useful tip: To prevent the fish from flaking, you can coat it with a little corn starch. This will ensure that when it is cooked it will not flake easily.

You will need a litre of stock. (here, I used Chicken Stock that I've boiled from the bones of leftover fresh chicken with some onions, carrots and a thick slice of ginger) When the stock is boiling, add seasoning of salt and pepper and more ginger slice if you like. Add a dash of sesame oil or you can toss some garlic over some hot oil and add that in the soup. Slowly add in the sliced fish that has been seasoned with salt and pepper when the soup is simmering. After about 5 mins (the sliced fish will cook very fast) you can add some spinach leaves (leave the bigger stems out) cook another 5 mins or less.

You can serve this with rice or just on its own. It can be a good light meal for someone recuperating from flu too.

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