Nov 16, 2007


Honda Edix.

What can i say, this is MY DREAM CAR, and it comes in MY COLOUR, RED! I took this pic about a year and a half ago. The Honda Edix can seat 3 in front like the vans and mini trucks but the best thing is that it is a hatchback. It is wider than most cars, but similar to trucks' width. The reason I wanted this was the 3 seater in the front. You can have your kids sit in front with you. So that you can monitor her or him. And also if you have a passenger, you can place your handbag or stuff in the middle. The middle seat can pushed slightly back so that your shoulders don't clash with the passenger and driver. And a family of 6 can seat comfortably plus big room for luggage! Kids' car seats can be mounted and still have good shoulder space for two other adults, compared to most cars. Honda Edix, 3x2 That's what it's called. But too bad, we wanted the 1.8l version but it only came with VTI and not the improved one, VVTI. They have VVTI version for the above 2l version but the car dealer was not importing that. If we wanted it, we had to wait as long as 6 months! So we didn't get the dream car we wanted so much. Our hearts sank.

This is the Honda Stream, the second generation.

We finally decided to place an order of Honda Edix. 90% almost completed on the application for Edix 1.8l, the boss said they had no RED. He encouraged us to get this Stream, which had just been delivered into his showroom. Well, IT WAS RED, after all. It was really lovely though we didn't really need a 7 seater. But we couldn't keep our eyes off the colour, the beautiful lines and the reason because it had the VVTI engine, we agreed! So you see this picture here was actually our car when it was being displayed in the showroom. Apparently at that point of time, it was not brought in by Kah Motors, so we had to import it in from Japan. Now you can get it from Kah Motors.

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