Dec 14, 2007


Christmas is just around the corner. What better way in entertaining friends would be to do your own homemade X'mas Chocolate Cake.

This picture was taken last Christmas. My fridge had no space for a large Log Cake, so I'd decided to make little ones. Yes, homemade ones. It was pretty easy. You can use the previous Chocolate Cake recipe or you can get buy some plain Chiffon or Chcoolate Sponge for this.

I made the Icing Sugar, by mixing 80gm of butter, icing sugar, vanilla essence, some melted chocolate and a little milk. You can add some brandy if you like. Beat them well till they are creamy, tasting it at intervals to make sure it doesn't taste powdery. Cut your Chocolate Sponge into rectangular shapes and in between two layers, add the Chocolate butter icing. Sprinkle some of those snow icing on top and add the decors and serve! You can serve smaller size if you are serving it on a last course for dinner. Add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream as a lovely dessert!

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