Dec 2, 2007


Alchemy is a word I so often get confused. Is it Science? Or purely Philosophical?

How do you define Alchemy.
Do you liken it to the effort or pursuit of metaphysical aspects like the transmutation of common metals into gold? In the earliest times, Alchemy has been related closely to astrology. In psychology, it is viewed as comparable to analytical psychology of which the act of Alchemy aids in the enlightenment process and improves the mind.

The search of the true meaning of an Alchemist, leaves alot to be desired. My views of an Alchemist is purely us, as human - the matter - achievement of our desires to learn, improve our mind in life matters. In the old days, we adopt many teachings in the orthodox era. In the modern times, we break them apart and study them and understand what led it.

Chinese Physicians practises Food Alchemist. They use traditional medicine, by the pharmalogical as well as spiritual techniques to accessed the nature of a herb or food by its temperature, taste or toxicity. These are still being adopted till today.

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